Mobile Friendly?

With more and more people using mobile phones and tablets to surf and make purchases online it is imperative that your website is mobile friendly. Any website can be tested with this simple Google test CLICK HERE This will tell you how a prospective customer views your site. If your site is not mobile friendly most sites can be easily updated with a template change, for a small 10-page site this can be done in a couple of hours. Why not give us a call and we will ensure your website is mobile friendly and up to speed.

New eBay Criteria

Some concerns are being raised by sellers over stricter returns policies being put into place by eBay this spring. Sellers are being urged to pay for the return of goods from the buyer for any reason. It's still very unclear if this will affect sellers discounts or seller status but we advise contacting eBay for clarification.

Just How Fast Is Your Website?

It is now accepted that website loading speed is a very important metric that affects rankings. Your site can be checked by Google CLICK HERE Website speed can be increased easily by some simple SEO but most importantly your site must be hosted by a hosting service that has the ability to provide the loading speed and continuous uptime that Google expects. Why not contact us for free advice.

Blogging Zen

Does blogging help with rankings? Basically yes, apart from Google seeing that your site is growing with new content (important to include keywords) it can also engage with customers keeping them updated with a new service or products. We recommend blogging fresh interesting content every few days, perhaps also having a comments section so customers can engage and have questions answered and leave feedback.

Google SEO Guide Updated

After 7 years Google has updated their SEO starter guide. The guide is essential reading for anyone wanting to optimise a website or to see if your site has what Google expects. While the guide is not a quick fix or a complete solution it does indicate a good foundation.

Google Local Business 

Google's local listing is imperative to your business. Apart from being found by new customers in your area, it directs them to your website which can improve traffic and sales. Customers can also leave reviews which increases confidence in your service and products. For just £99 we will optimise your listing to get it fully integrated and make sure that you stand out from the crowd and start generating more sales.

Don't Forget Bing!

Although under 20% of internet surfers use Bing at present this does seem to be increasing gradually. It may not seem much but over an entire year you could be missing out on protential enquiries and sales. Bing has also started a major advertising campaign in 2018 to increase their profile in the world of search. Like Google, Bing has its own local listings, PPC and analytics service that can be used to boost your online brand.

Social Media

We offer bespoke packages to get your social media campaign off to a great start and growing daily; from posting interesting new articles and information each day to fully integrated multi-platform advertising. Whatever your budget contact us and be surprised at just how competitively we can offer this service.

Google Updates

What effects do Google updates have on your websites rankings? Panda, Penguin & Fred to name a few, they are all major algorithms that changed how websites ranked. Some were easy to recover from while others took quite some work and time to comply with. We are always happy to advise when the next update is due to happen and most importantly what needs to be done to avoid a drop in rankings.

Google Trends

A very good service that gives a good insight into what is happening on the web is Google trends. Just enter a keyword or keywords that are relevant to you and Google will give you a load of useful information that can be used to help market your business. Give it a try HERE

Payment Gateways

Recently eBay announced that they are replacing their current payment option PayPal with Adyen. Choosing a provider can be a challenge, Paypal is widely recognised by everyone but they can cause problems if cash flow is essential. Currently, we are working with a wide selection of services, some needing a merchant account while others offer direct payment. Whoever you decide to go with we ensure that your site can be fully integrated before you commit to a contract.

Build A Customer Email List?

If you're not building a customer email list then start now! It is the most effective way to encourage sales from past and existing customers. Posting a small email weekly, offering new products or items on sale, encourages your customers back on your site and making purchases.

What Is HTTPS?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the "S" at the end stands for "Secure." It is good practice to ensure your website is updated and if you accept payment then it is essential. Apart from increasing customer security and confidence it also probably affects rankings. One point to remember is that all internal links will need to be changed or redirected. It's also worth updating any pictures you are using to https.

Is Your Sitemap Updated?

If you're adding new content, posting blogs and expanding your website you need to update your sitemap and resubmit to Google for reindexing. Your site may have a plugin that does this automatically but we do recommend this is done manually via the Google search console.

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