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In 2019 Statistics have shown that 89% of all Britons are using Google to find businesses like yours, rather than traditional forms such as the Yellow Pages, Thompson Local, and other print advertising. Also worth noting is that 63% of internet searchers are not going past the 1st page of Google.



Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing organic search engine results that generate traffic and customers to a website. It is achieved in many different ways. Firstly a detailed website audit is undertaken, this identifies any problems that need to be addressed and highlights underlying issues that affect the overall ranking of the site. Secondly, adjustments are made to correct all issues that affect rankings.



One of the most detailed and comprehensive website audits available. With over 100 specific checks and up to 10,000 pages scanned that produces a detailed report with recommendations to ensure your website is at its full potential. A 200 point customer report detailing problems and recommendations is provided to you.



Whether you have a multi-page e-commerce site or are selling on eBay or Amazon we can provide a full SEO package to increase sales and rank  your E - Commerce website higher. We currently work with a number of the top 10 ranking businesses to improve and maintain their sales and profiles. Creating compelling listings are the key to generate sales and improve market standing.


Having the correct keywords in place will increase the ranking and successful placement of your company in search engines' results. This ensures customers can find your site easily, increasing awareness and sales. We use the latest software to ensure that the optimum keywords are being used and make careful adjustments to increase your site's rankings and profits.


Complete campaigns that are constantly monitored at minimal cost. Fully adjustable to suit any size business and budget. Multi-area or local advertising available with full content and structure. Continuously monitored to maximize profit and save you money.




Safe, high-quality backlink program carefully designed to give maximum impact on your website. Website rankings can be destroyed by doing this incorrectly so leave this to us and watch your rankings increase.


More and more customers are viewing and buying from their smartphone or tablet. We ensure your website looks great and is fully viewable on any mobile device. Never miss that sale or inquiry due to an outdated website again!


All platforms covered with full connectability. Let us take care of all your social media marketing, creating compelling interesting posts that your followers will love to engage with! Over 30 social media sites can be utilized to boost your online presence and promote your products or services.




Local listings that put your business on the map! Fully integrated with your website and the new 360 degree view which allows your customers to virtually see your premises or shop. Your listing will be ready to rank highly and receive excellent customer reviews!

What Is SEO?

In the business of marketing online, that is using the internet as a medium of communicating value for product or service with the aim of making sales and getting profit, there is the need to create content with which the said product or service can be communicated. Content often comes in the form of text or writing, audio or visuals/graphics, and illustrations. Naturally, when internet users search for products online, they literally type in search terms with which the search engine can optimise and curate related material and information for them. The discipline concerned or focused on growing the visibility of a website’s content, for example, inorganic (i.e., not ads) search engine results is what is referred to as Search Engine Optimization.

In simpler terms, search engine optimisation is a means by which search engines like Google initiate a ranking system for the visibility of content for users. This process is initiated when the user types in the keywords – or search terms – related to the information they are looking for. A page’s credibility or relevance of the information they have is often judged by how high they are at the top of page 1.

Does My Website Need SEO?

Most of the traffic on the web comes from the major commercial search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, and although your social media pages often get you views and clicks to your website, search engines would remain the primary source of generating traffic to your web because they are one of the easiest channels for accessing most of the web.

Considering this, if you have a website and hope to commercialise it by generating traffic, or you just want a lot of people to see your performance online and interact with your website, then you should consider optimising it to rank on the search engines. If you have a website for buying shoes, for example, you need to ask yourself if people search for shoes, are they going to find my website on the first page? The reason for this question is that most people do not seek answers beyond the first page.

Is SEO Required To Be On Page 1?

The truth is, search engines have really made life easy for us – especially when it comes to using the internet. Cataloging information for easy access is something the search engines cannot do on their own. This is why a good knowledge of SEO is required for your site to appear in the relevant pages of the search results.


Final Thoughts..

Take note that while optimizing your site for search engines, you must be careful to do it right because the wrong SEO can bury your site deep in the search results where the possibility of finding your content is minimal.


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